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10th Oct 2023 | News
Investigating the mood effects of nature sounds and soothing images in adolescents: A proof-of-concept randomised control pilot study

Adolescents, regardless of group, reported an increase in serenity affect and a reduction in negative mood states across time. Additionally, […]

18th May 2023 | News
Project Soothe: A pilot study evaluating the mood effects of soothing images collected using a citizen science approach

Project Soothe images were rated to be significantly more soothing than anxiety- or excitement-inducing. Viewing 25 images was significantly associated […]

21st Oct 2021 | News
In the Eye of the Beholder; a Thematic Analysis on How Individuals Find Certain Images Soothing and Not Others
8th Sep 2021 | News
Effectiveness of an Internet-based Wellbeing Tool (Soothe Vision Videos) among Chinese University Students: A Pilot Study

Studies have reported that university students, especially those in developing countries such as China, are in high demand of mental […]

8th Sep 2021 | News
How does looking at images of nature affect our mood?

Poster looking for individuals 18+ to take part in our online study

8th Sep 2021 | News
The Effectiveness of Soothing Images and Videos in Improving University/ College Students’ Mood

Mental health issues among students in higher education demand cost-effective and accessible support. Compassionate imagery was tested to be safe […]

8th Sep 2021 | News
Investigating the effect of nature related sounds and images on the mood of adolescents

Poster looking for young people to take part in our project.

8th Sep 2021 | News
The Effectiveness of Soothe Vision Well-being Tool on University Students’ Mood

Mental health problems are serious and common amongst university/college students in recent years. And there is a lack of available […]

8th Sep 2021 | News
The effects of soothing images and sounds on individual’s mood and wellbeing

Mental health problems are increasing at an alarming rate, calling for the need for more cost-effective and easily accessible interventions. […]

10th Mar 2021 | News
The Impact of internally and externally generated Soothing Images on those with High Functioning Autistic Spectrum Condition

As a result ‘Project Soothe’ (ProjectSoothe.com) was created to develop a database of soothing photographic images that may have the […]

10th Mar 2021 | News
Investigating the impact of positive autobiographical memories on emotions induced by Project Soothe pictures

The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of positive specific AM retrieval on emotions induced by soothing […]

10th Mar 2021 | News
Thematic analysis of adolescents’ understanding of Soothe

Thematic analysis was carried out with narratives from Project Soothe, with a total of 111 participants from 12 to 18 […]

10th Mar 2021 | News
A Qualitative Exploration of Soothing Imagery and how Soothing Imagery Could be used as a Wellbeing Intervention for Adolescents.

This study aims to explore what is considered soothing when viewing externally presented imagery and how soothing imagery could be […]

10th Mar 2021 | News
Image Effect in an Adolescent Population

Research is being trialled to establish whether the use of images could be beneficial as a wellbeing tool in an […]

10th Mar 2021 | News
The soothing effect of images: A qualitative mediation study with young people.

This study sought to explore potential psychological mechanisms underlying the soothing experience for young people when presented with soothing EPIs

Mental Health Research in Digital Age
10th Mar 2021 | News
A Bank of Visual Images Created for and Created by the Public Using the Innovative Citizen Scientist Approach

Project Soothe bridges the boundaries between art and science in the digital age. Our goal is to create a bank […]

10th Mar 2021 | News
ID-145 Included in S56-Ch

The role of self-compassion, attachment, interpersonal functioning, and the use of soothing imagery in depression

10th Mar 2021 | News
Soothe ourselves in times of need: A qualitative exploration of how the feeling of ‘soothe’ is understood and experienced in everyday life

This study addressed two research questions: (1) How is the feeling of soothe understood? (2) How is the feeling of […]

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