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Pioneering in Practice


In 2018, we launched our Pioneers in Practice project working with a number of healthcare, educational, and charity organisations to co-create and pilot new ways to use our soothing images across different contexts and settings. Together, we have created a User Guide to showcase these pilot projects and share our experiences of success and limitations.

You can view and download the User Guide of ‘Project Soothe – Pioneers in Practice’ here: Pioneers in Practice User Guide

You can also view Stella Chan’s talk in the workshop:

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Thursday 04-03-21

Pioneers in Practice

Project Soothe Pioneers in Practice User Guide
Pioneers in Practice User Guide

Get Involved

Find out more about how to submit your soothing photos and help us learn more about the everyday experience of self-soothe.

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Funding Support

We are grateful to have received funding from the following organisations.